About Us

Wave Shipping is a shipping agency and Project forwarding company based in Tarragona, Ceuta and Madrid (Spain).

The area that we handle on behalf of our principals is the West Mediterranean area (Spain, Portugal, South of France and West Coast Italy) and the North African area (from Ivory Coast up to Egypt). 

Wave Shipping started 20 years ago with as main objective to establish a strong position within the West Mediterranean area as well as the North African region. Throughout the years we have succeeded and are ever focused on expanding our expertise and presence in the area. 

Our expertise is to coordinate and assist vessels coming into the Wave Shipping area by arranging all the formalities and providing services when requested. 

Wave Shipping is a combination of Wagenborg Shipping BV and Vertom Scheepvaart- en Handelmaatschappij BV, both renowned companies and experts in international transport by road and by water.

The cooperation with these companies strengthens the position of Wave Shipping in the area and the cooperation with these two companies together with the company´s ISO 9001 Certified Quality Management system, provides customers with the assurance of professional and controlled services at all times.



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